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    f12x new battery will not start

    Hello everyone. fist post here.
    Just bought a 2002 f12x, got it at a steal.
    Guy said it was running fine but the battery needed to be replaced.
    He bought a walmart battery and now the jetski turns but will not start.
    Battery light comes on and so does the F1 light.
    Any feedback or suggestion other than buying a different battery would help.

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    are you supposed to reset the ecu with a new battery>?

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    i bought a new battery and engine turns but wont start and BATTERY light flashes 7 times

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    fixed. I kept researching and all it needed was new plugs. 7 blinks/beeps and the battery light flashing. change plugs!

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    If the battery light keeps flashing u may need to change the power relay box all the way in the back on top of the pump tunnel.

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