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    Anyone actually tested the 300x`s afr?

    Just wondering,I noticed on R&D`s web site they recommend to run there powershot on the 300x,because in there testing it shows that the 300x is lean at WOT and the AFR needs to be raised 12.0-12.5 to be safe.They go on to say they recommend 92 octane.For them to be lean there dont seem to be 300`s burning up pistions all over the place.seems like in one of the ecu reprograming threads one of the guys doing the reprograming to the 300`s ecu made a comment about them being dog rich and i cant remember who it was but they said they disagree because in the testing they found the 300`s to be slightly lean at WOT. IM going to run (Amoco Premium 93) from the same place all the time just to be safe.

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    I follow this thread with great interest. I would guess that they are running a little on the rich side at WOT, you know to keep the exhaust gas temps cooler and for a little bit of a safety margin under boost?



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    Quote Originally Posted by sirbreaksalot View Post
    why do people always just make new threads instead of searching for the stuff that has already been posted.
    a quick search gave me 10 results , and MIKE H 's thread was 1 of them
    R&D is full of shit as per usual

    its not even a PERFORMANCE topic

    Funny you would say its not a PERFORMANCE topic. 95% of all the threads in the performance section are not performance related topics. besides!!! thats where Mike H. started his AFR thread so i figured mine should go in the same place.

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