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    '99 Polaris Pro 785 project

    Hey guys,

    (first post!)

    Just became the proud new owner of a Polaris Pro 785 in fantastic condition.

    The only catch is... some assembly required.

    I'm an engineer, so I'm just sad that someone else got to take it apart. Hah.

    Anyway, I just have to put the gaskets in and get the engine assembled, and then get the parts put back in the hull.

    Should be fun.

    I'll post pictures and do a proper thread if anyone is interested

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    Post some pics and lets see what you have

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    Welcome to the Hulk!. Looking forward to seeing what you have. Are there any aftermarket parts on it? If you post pics, we can point out whats stock and whats aftermarket.

    How much did you pay for it? What state are you in?

    There are about 50 of us that own a Pro785. Was the ski ever raced?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrKurtz View Post
    I'm an engineer, so I'm just sad that someone else got to take it apart. Hah.
    I know how that one is...

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    You may still be in luck. Most of us have had to tear down an engine in order to inspect/repair/replace what the previous owner has already done. You'll find there are many "hacks" that try their hand at wrenching on skis and fail quite miserably.

    My suggestion to you would be to tear it down to the bottom and start fresh. That way you KNOW everything is in good shape and was done properly.

    Please post up pics. We LOVE pictures.....

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    @785 Lugs : I'll get some light on it and get pics up tonight or in the AM. I have the get the engine out of my truck and onto a bench.

    @bowsniper : there should be a few aftermarket parts, I'll get a list from previous owner. If I say how much I paid, you guys might be jealous...

    I'm in NC, and I live on Jordan Lake.

    I don't believe it was ever raced. No decals, stock paint... etc.

    98 hrs.

    I bought it in Greensboro, he bought it in PA. It wasn't running perfectly so the guy who sold it to me (a professional mechanic) tore it down and replaced or rebuilt anything that needed it. The cylinders were bored .020 and the heads were milled.

    The only thing left is to do a new powder coat on the pipes.

    @xlint89 The engine is loosely bolted together waiting for me to install the brand new gasket kit he gave me. So I still have to take it all apart.

    This is one of 5 skis and three trailers I bought from him. All in remarkable condition.

    In addition to the Pro:

    2x '95 Polaris SLT 750 (I had one on the water today. So fun and VERY stable.)
    '95 SeaDoo SPX
    '94 SeaDoo SPX

    All run great. One 750 needs a new seal in outdrive. Also got LOTS of extras.

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    Sounds like you might have come down with the same addiction we all suffer from. Make sure those 750s have all the fuel system updates that need to be done before you ride them. Many a fuji motor has been blown up by not updating the fuel systems.

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    you can't bore a 785 cylinder it's nicasil or did he sleeve them or bore them and renicasil them ,if he bored them and renicasiled them i hope he reported them

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    Yeah, it kind of hit me suddenly.

    I do plan on selling a couple of the skis. The '95 SeaDoo and the '95 750 I had out today are modified, I will probably keep them and the double trailer and sell the stock 750 and the '94 SeaDoo on single trailers. But I might keep both 750s so I have spares. All four have new engines within the last 2 years.

    My intention was to fix the Pro 785 and resell it for $texas. But I might be too in love by then... ::shrug::

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    I'll have to ask him that.

    I know he used you guys as a main info source...

    What do you mean by reported?

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