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    06 RXP leaking, and more.

    well i got a 06 rxp last summer and was just riding it 2-3 times before winter, this summer i was riding all summer, got beat by a 2010 215HP seadoo speedster 150...
    rebuilt my super charger and beat him... anyways.
    after some time i was getting water in my hull, usually cold. but sometimes warm ( wasnt anything exhaust related as i checked nd retihtened everything while redoing my SC.

    i later found out the previous owner jumped a rock on it, and there was a 4-5" long crack in the hull right near the rideplate and intake grate ( that had a 1" piece missing from it but i made the piece by welding it)

    after i fixed the hull i had maybe 3-4 times to try out my seadoo again and i was still getting water in ( less but still some)

    the previous owner just silicone glued the crack in the hull so i havent noticed it while looking for it underneath...
    (it was also partly INSIDE the turbine area. )

    im pretty sure there arent anymore cracks in the hull unless its under the ride plate or futher down the turbine..
    also the nose part of my seadoo has small cracks in it... from a slow crash into a dock (not me)

    and the last thing is the reverse bucket , where the hinges are (the 2 bolts hold it toghter) has a small crack in the plastic so im worried it might break off... any one else have this?

    the body on the underside has no stress cracks or hairline cracks....

    last question... i know its allot to ask but bare with me

    how do you guys make the gelcoat look like factory again? if i use a paint roller or a brush it comes out bad.
    even if i layer a plastic sheet on it to make it smooth, its still not shiny......

    well thanks for the replies in advance...!

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    There are lots of places water can come in. Given that your hull has some damage history, that is the best place to look. There was a guy chasing down water intrusion lately, don't know if he found it. If it accumulates more while you ride, chances are it is related to the bailer system, because if it were working right then it would be removing small amounts of water. 1st thing I would do is inspect the two plastic pipes in the venturi nozzle. If these are not in place or broken, they can actually pump water into the hull instead of remove it. (I had this happen before...)

    I don't know anyone that rolls or brushes gel coat on, it would look like shit. I personally make a paste with cabosil and fill any voids or cracks this way using a bodywork squeegee. Sand flush, reapply. Build it up in stages, never over do it as it is hard to bring it back to shape if you overapply. Can take three applications to fill big voids. Once everything is fixed level, then spray on several coats using a cheap sprayer or Preval throw-away kit. Sand in stages, 320 grit, 600, 1000, 1500 then I use a rubbing compound on buffer, finished with a polishing compound.

    BTW, if you buy the quarts in the right color from GelCote, it comes with wax already mixed in it. (you either need to buy it with wax included, add wax to the mix, spray PVA over it after application, or put plastic sheet over it while curing or else it wont cure right.)

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    it does look like shit...... but thats the technique the guy at the store told me for the inside......
    but i have MANY scratches (again from previous owner) that are less than a mm deep... like it just looks ugly...... not shiny black but less black or abit of white...... i was thinking about a HVLP gun to spray it on.....

    i cant seem to find the crack/hole from where it comes into the hull, and im going to check the bailer system... but I KNOW it works because for example i had it sit in water for afew hours, had 1' of water, went for a ride..... and i have almost none left....

    and i dont buy it in quarts from gelcoat i bought a gallon of fiberglass resin for deeper scratches and a 256ml? (1/4 of a L) of gelcoat.......and i color it myself ( i mean how hard is it to make black gelcoat )

    thanks for the reply...... now i know what else to check......

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