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    oil mix happy medium

    ok i have found alot of info on this site for pre mix some say 32:1 and others say 40:1 i was wondering is there a happy medium for permixing a 2000 xl800 and my dearly said 32:1 and everyone is saying it somkes bad so if you guys can let me know if theres a happy meduim

    thanks again swafia

    what a great site really helpful

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    maybe 36:1 or 38:1

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    post what brand oil you are using. Some High quality 2 stroke oils can be run @ 40:1, while low quality oils would need a heavier ( lower) ratio. what is max RPM in your boat?

    this will help others to help you...

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    the owners manual says to use YAMALUBE 2-W if its not available,
    another 2-stroke engine oil with an NMMAcertified
    TC-W3 rating may be used. im just running what is in the oil tank now i have the oil block off kit and want to use it so what oil would be the best ill buy. and the max rpms is 7000

    Unit XL800
    Maximum people on board Number of people 3
    Maximum load capacity kg (lb) 240 (530)
    Length mm (in) 3,160 (124.4)
    Width mm (in) 1,220 (48.0)
    Height mm (in) 1,130 (44.5)
    Dry weight kg (lb) 314 (693)
    Maximum output kW (PS) @ r/min 88.2 (120)@ 7,000
    Maximum fuel consumption L/h (US gal/h, Imp gal/h) 49.0 (12.9, 10.
    Cruising range at full throttle hr. 1.4
    Trolling speed r/min 1,250–1,350
    Engine type 2-stroke
    Number of cylinders 2
    Engine displacement cm3 (cu in) 784 (47.84)
    Bore & stroke mm (in) 80.0 × 78.0 (3.15 × 3.07)
    Compression ratio 6.6:1
    Lubrication system Variable oil injection
    Cooling system Water cooled
    Starting system Electric starter
    Ignition system Digital CDI
    Spark plug BR8ES (NGK)
    Spark plug gap mm (in) 0.7–0.8 (0.028–0.031)
    Battery capacity V-AH 12-19
    Charging system Flywheel magneto
    Propulsion system Jet pump
    Jet pump type Axial flow, single stage
    Impeller rotation Counterclockwise (viewed from rear)
    Transmission Direct drive from engine
    Jet thrust nozzle angle Degree 24 + 24
    Trim nozzle angle Degree -7, -2, 3, 8, 13
    Recommended fuel Regular unleaded gasoline
    Minimum octane rating PON
    Recommended engine oil YAMALUBE 2-W, or an equivalent NMMAcertified
    TC-W3 marine oil
    Fuel tank capacity
    Total L (US gal, Imp gal) 70 (18.5, 15.4)
    Reserve L (US gal, Imp gal) 12 (3.12, 2.64)
    Oil tank capacity L (US gal, Imp gal) 5.5 (1.45, 1.21)

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    either will be fine, its just a stock motor right?

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    yep just stock i but 32:1 in it right now im going to run a tank of that then go too 36:1 i think but i took it out to day and i only have 4800 rpms and i now the powervalves are working cuz i can hear the motoe turn them

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