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    How to remove carbs from a Protec intake manifold

    I have been doing a lot of reading on this forum and have not come accross a thread on how to remove the carbs off a protec intake manifold. I have a 1996 Waveraider 1100 with a protec intake manifold with what I believe to be Mikuni 46mm carbs. the two bolts that hold the carbs onto the manifold are tucked under the throtle shaft and can only be gotten to with an open end wrench. The problem is there is very little room to get any leverage to turn the wrench. Am I missing something here or it there some little trick or special tool I need? The ski was given to me as a winter project so I dont know a lot about it.

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    std "flange mount" aftermarket carbs, can be VERY difficult to remove, while in a ski ( hull).

    over the years, on many different machines, i have made / bent many wrenches to better access the nuts. sometimes it is just easier to remove the motor, and do it on the bench.

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