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Thread: overheating??

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    Hi i've got 1999 polaris genesis 1200 carburated.

    When u ride it for a few minutes it cuts out (4000rpm) and comes up with engine overheat. You have to let go off throttle and basicaly stop and it will come right, but once you take off again the problem will happen again, it happens quicker if you give it full throttle and takes longer if taking it easy.

    I have just cleaned the wee mesh/grate intake in back off jet pump and removed thermostat housing to find the thermostat and pop off valve aren't there.

    I have touched motor after riding and feels about normal.

    What affect would the missing pop off valve cause??

    Any help would be great.

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    The missing popoff valve and thermostat will make it run cooler if anything. If nothing feels warm to the touch, I would suspect either a bad temperature sensor or a short in the wiring for the sensor. Check the tan wire in your electric box with an ohm meter and see if its shorted to ground. If it is, trace the tan wire fom the box all the way back to the sensor on the exhaust manifold. Also check the tan wire in the harness to your display. I had this issue once and found the tan wire was pinched and grounding out.

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    Yes you are overheating!
    Your cooling is probably restricted somewhere by either debris or build up, or you're running too lean.

    Missing thermostat does not mean much if you're riding in warm weather. In cold weather it needs to be there to bring engine to optimal operating temp preventing cold seize damage.

    Engine may feel about normal because your temp sensor is still working. It cuts engine and gives you warning to stop. Imaging if it did not do its job, you may have hear explosion instead and engine will be too hot to touch

    Check cooling passage on your exhaust pipe, pop head covers to check for build up/debris.
    Check your piston wash to be sure you're not running lean, if lean check your carburetor.

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    If you can touch everything with your hand and hold it there for a few seconds you are ok temp wise. First figure out if you are actually running hot or if you have an electrical problem. Check all your hoses. Test the temp switch circuit with a meter. Does the hot signal trigger as soon as you start it up or after running for a bit?

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    I removed the wee mesh piece at the intake on back of jet pump and it was prob 1/3 blocked with dry weed/slime. Haven't tried it since as only done it yesterday. What affect would this have??

    When i return to shore after riding I can hold my hand on motor, which feels warm, but if was overheating I didnt think I would be able to do this.

    Does seem like could be overheating as the problem happens quicker if you ride it faster (full throttle) which you would expect to heat up quicker. But found it strange that motor doesn't feel hot.

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