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Thread: gpr build

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    gpr build

    hey guys, got a 02 gpr, here is the plan need some assistance!!! will post pics tomorrow. I have a gp I got for 500 with a blown #1 cylinder crank is ok but this is a sbt rebuilt motor the crank is welded, I also just bought a 99 xl1200 for 275. the guy thought it was totally shot and so did I but it was hydrolocked and had a bad starter relay, I pulled both motors and am leaning towards using the oem one for my build, I have the following parts due to my addictive personality I forwent some bills and bought riva heads and girdle kit, wave eaters, d plate, riva tabs, riva ride plate I think the old school one because its not flat on the bottom, r&d aquavein intake, still need to get reeds, which ones are best for the money??? also planing on a triple pipe setup if I can afford it and if its thats much better than a stock pipe, and im not sure what prop to get either the solas 13/19 or a 14/20 I would like to do as many bolt on mods that I can do, I keep hearing about stuff like jetworks mod, dumping #3 coolant hose and taking off choke valves and shimming ride plate and tabs, I guess the whole point is ive been searching to find a previous build so i didnt have to rely on you guys but maybe someone can point me in the right direction, also I ride mainly in ocean jumping waves and am concerned about using the stock crank cuz its not welded... any advice is appreciated.

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    Ive no expierence with sbt but from what ive read you want nothing to do with the sbt motor welded or not. Also from what ive read the stock crank is the way to go, just get it welded. If your going whole hog with triple pipes then 14/20 else 13/19 is a proven setup.

    Def do the jetworks mod but if you go triple pipe then i believe its not needed, someone will have to confirm.

    Rebuild the carbs with Mikuni carb rebuild kits. Check oil lines or do block off. Pump seal kit.

    As far as build i havent seen a dedicated post but you can pretty much search any issues your having and on any of the above mentioned topics theres lots and lots of info.

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