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    Just a qeustion about hoods I am undergoing a refit for my ski and have noticed that the RXX hood is a popular option it doesnt look as meaty as the RXP's stock one though. Is there any other ones you could get?

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    I dig the RXX hood

    My RXP with the RXX hood, another benafit is the reduction of the weight!!! the RXX hood is feather light! You also have a better feild of veiw over the bow. One thing to note is you have to cut the hole for the guages as the RXX had a differant shape.

    Some pics:
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    hey torque, what did you use to plug those OE hull holes with??

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    Looks like the stock push clips.

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    yeah but stock only has 4 push pins that i see for the small holes, the rest of my cowling is bolted and riveted on, the bolt holes are much larger than the push pin holes and the rivet holes, they just might work.

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    There are 14 other holes that have to be filled when doing the conversion.
    You can get a repair kit color matched to all the colors except the Grey.

    So body work will be in order to fix those.
    You must drill like 4 other holes and use the push pins to hold the new pieces.

    For some reason they do not fit 100% but they do look good.

    The passenger side does not match up just right but you would have to be looking for it.


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    OK many thanks torquephoto. wow your ski is totally jet black you dont even have the flames on the side

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