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    Exclamation story about an xl800 please help

    ok so i got a xl800 for free so i took it out and it run ok i got her up 54 mph then i put some money into it here what i have done so far. the motor sounded like it was detenating so i rebuilt the carbs after that i put the oil block off kit on her and put 32:1 in the tank so now i have 4800 rpms max i can hear the power valve motor and see them turning on the trailer and the ski is made for 7000 rpms and ideas on what to do now

    oh ya i can hear the prop ding when its on the trailer as im flushing it

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    ok just did a compression check 125 psi on both i have a pic of the plugs but not sure on how to get them on here anyway they have oil on them and a little black on the threads

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    prop ding sounds normal.

    My power valves rotated on the trailer but when i disconnect the powervalve motor, i found that the valves where difficult to turn. I had cleaned them but i didnt do a great job because i didnt remove them. Thats when i found them sticking again.

    I would say take a look there and see if that is an issue for you. If it is make sure you completely remove them and clean them.

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