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    kawasaki 650sx fuel problem

    I just transplanted a new motor from a doaner ski and now I cant get gas to the carb. I have pulsing pressure for the intake manifold to the tank, but nothing to the petcock and down the line ( fuel pump , carb). If I blow hard on the hose from the manifold I can get gas through the petcock but not to the carb????
    Another concern I have is I forgot my compression tester when I went to see the doaner ski but the engine was very clean so after the owner told me it was recently rebuilt I took a chance. after I did a compression test the front cycinder was 190 psi and the rear 200. seems really high.
    could use some feed back ASAP ! Thanks in advance

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    ok got it running, I had the return line and the presure line backwards. know just looking for thoughts on the compression

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    stock compression on a kawi 650 motor is in the 150 to 155 range.

    some one "may" have milled, or modified the head, OR more than likely your gauge is not accurate.

    also, numbers can, and will be high, if someone had sprayed fogging oil in the ski for storage, and it has not yet been ridden. the extra oil will build up on the rings, and raise compression numbers. ( typically NOT 40 lbs though)


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