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    Leaking powervalves at gaskets

    So first complete rebuild on a 1200 non-pv goes great. Holds six pounds of air for twelve minutes. Move on to 1200 pv. Pressure test reveals air leaking on all three powervalves.
    Escaping from middle of gasket at "uppermost side" when assembled. Put one cover on a 12" disc sander and trued it up, air still leaking from cylinder side of gasket.
    Do I have to take this motor apart again to true up the pv gasket surface of all three cylinders?
    If I file it as is all the shavings go right down into motor.
    Could try double gaskets or even buffing a "high" spot onto the cover surface to match the "low" spot on the cylinder. (Better buy some extra covers to attempt that)
    I'll true up that surface before assembly next time, but any ideas on a quicker fix for this time?

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    I would try some paper/felt gaskets.

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    1211 both sides of the gaskets and see

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFO View Post
    1211 both sides of the gaskets and see
    A+++ on this one. ill bet it seals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFO View Post
    1211 both sides of the gaskets and see
    .... and give it at least 24 hours minimum to dry before you put any pressure on it.

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