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    gp1200r rough speed estimate someone help

    ok so ive got a gp1200r i have a 13/19 solas prop an r and d rideplate pumpnozzle and intake top loader , 150psi heads a free flow exaust and dplate . Future mods will be carbon fibre reeds novi 48carbs with custom manifold riva ecu and a set of tripple pipes, if i get this tunned nicely what sort of numbers do you guys think i will be pulling ?

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    Guessing 65-70 mph

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    I'm already pulling over 65 mph i was hoping with the triples the ecu reeds and carbs die be pulling close to 80 oh and probs have 1300 top end then too

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    A 1200 tripple can run 80mph+ if you have "all" the best parts and everything is tuned including the hull, rideplate. But with just parts bolted on most run 70-75mph.

    You would need- 800 grate, '05 + HO pump, dynafly 14/20 prop, V-force reeds, ignition, triple pipes. And the major mod- a fully modded r&d ride plate (like a Jim's plate) with about an inch of angle.

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