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    Question on winterizing a stage II

    I have the pit pass which gives me free winterezation.

    I've gutted out my intercooler and change the water hose to go straight to the manifold.

    Took the IC plumbing off and put the stock tube on it.

    I'm going t leave my rear intake on.

    This this will be good enough that the dealership doesn't question my warranty ? or should I just buy the oil and do it all myself.

    Shibby what do you think....

    Hey all it's been awhile. started a new job and it's had me pretty locked down. ready to get my winterization on, and start some winter mods. I'm thinking rear exhaust, new skegs (lost one), exhaust bung, boost gauge.

    Has anyone done any water reroute pressure testing. I want to still split my water at the stock incoming and have one going to a strainer and the other to the manifold.

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    Welcome back Kinch Glad to see your back....


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    How ya doing Kinch... glad to hear from ya

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    hey welcome back , your ears must have been burnin

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