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    Question On R&D RIDE PLATE for 2010 stx 15 f

    I have a 2010 STX 15f ski and bought a used R&D rideplate, part # 121-12001 it requires intake grate # 111-12100. I cant find a good image on this intake grate, does it have a scoop? Im really not looking for a intake grate with a scoop. Im looking to get the best top end speed on a calm lake. Im thinking I might be better off with the direct replacement ride plate 121-12000 which works with the stock intake grate. My current intake grate already has the middle bar cut out of it. My question is buy the intake grate, or order up the direct replacement R&D ride plate and use my stock intake grate?

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    The R&d will increase hook up may reduce speed. As its a top loader

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