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    looking for a new ski...

    i might be looking for a new ski this coming season... just need a good deal from my locl stealer.... or im going to finally get my neighbour to sell his 08-09rxt...

    now im not looking for anything crazy... it can be a 130 or a 260... i dont mind.. but im leaning against getting a 215/260...

    i mostly ride on smooth water but it happens that my lake has 1-2ft chop...
    looking for a ski thats either 2-3 seater... stable... so and so on...

    well my choices went down to:
    2012 rxp-x
    2012 rxt-x
    2012 gtr
    2012 300 ultra...
    i realise its the seadoo section im in, hell im even a big fan of seadoo myself...

    what do you guys think? im thinking the rxpx is too much for me ( its really speed oriented and doesnt seem to be family oriented enough)

    im sure a rxt=x will be enough for me ....

    im looking for something to keep up with my rxp, yet be friendly enough to go 2-up with large riders on it... stability is important here....

    i really like the 300 ultra (even if it has afew bugs here and there)
    aswell as the rxt-x

    who knows maybe next year i can score a 2011 rxt-x from a friend or find a left over...

    thanks in advance for the help/replies...

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    rxp x is a fast ski i am thinking of getting one my self

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    rxpx is a good buy for the power and 3 seats. But if you want some decent power and the 3 seater option check out the 2012 GTR. Its a GTI with a 215 in it! U still get all of your iControl features. Very nice ski that is resonably priced. GOOD LUCK!!

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    I am having the same issue, but the more I think about it, I think I am going with the GTR 215

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