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    Good day! I want to install the turbo kit on the GTX 04 year, but the sound stops me because I ride on a quiet pond, I do not want to frighten the others! and myself want quiet operation that prompt dear? if not to remove the water box, how many horses can I lose? how much slower it will go? I wish to install 25-25 LBS

    Yours faithfully.

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    Quiet and Turbo do not go together. Any turbo setup will be loud and I assure you that you will frighten everyone on your quiet pond

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    Are there mufflers that do not steal horses and make the sound softer?

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    Gibson for example how much will soften the sound? may have what some are there?

    Yours faithfully.

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    its very imprabable that you will find a muffler that doesnt take away horsepower.

    its a compromise.. either you get HP or you go stealth.

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    For example Watson Racing makes a turbo with a water box and he successfully operates a rate not less than 90 miles, so make sure

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    Personally, I do not want to Yamaha, the soul of the fuse sea doo, and therefore looking for opportunities, and lose if the horse is less than 5 percent. this question, let me sleep.

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