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    951 Carbie not returning to idle.


    I am after some information possible problems as to why a GTX LTD 99 with a 951 will stay at high rpm and not return to idle. I am open to opinions / possibilties.

    The ski has had the following done to it.

    • Full engine rebuild (all gaskets, bearings, pistons, rings, etc)
    • Carb's rebuilt
    • New plugs
    Thanks in Advance

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    Also the Low speed mixture screw is on 1.5 turns out and the high speed is zero turns out

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    Is it in the water or hooked up to hose/on trailer?

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    Can you confirm that the carb is returning the the idle adjustment screw when you let off the throttle?

    Sounds like you have an air leak between the carb base to the intake, or between your reed cages and your block.

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    Sorry on the hose on the trailer. Is hitting the idle screw and does idle at around 1500 when first started. Just checked Reed Cages and seemed to be sealing right... but will check tomorrow again.

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    Change the pilot jets from 75 to 80

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    Does it run away just idling...slowly rising or only after revving it? The 951s like to lean run away. I've heard of perfectly tuned motors still running away

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    Just after revving it.

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    The 951 run away happened to me for the first time just last year. Scared the hell out of me.

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    The problems continue... took it out and water tested it yesterday and it won't get above 4000 rpm or there abouts and bogs down at around or even stalls at just off idle?

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