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Thread: weak spark

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    weak spark

    My 98 GP1200 won't start....I hooked up a good battery and it turns over very fast. With a adjustable gap spark tester I found that all three plugs have a very weak spark.

    I pulled out the coils and they all bench test good with an ohm meter. I even swapped in another coil and it was firing weak too. Not sure if there is something else in that electrical box that could be causing the weak spark.

    Tommorow I will try trimming the plug wires a little but the ohms were all pretty good between all three of those too so I don't think it will solve the problem.

    Any ideas?

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    check to see if you are getting fuel first and if you dont have a primer installed yet get one! quick starts and save your battery and starter

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    The issue is not fuel it's a weak spark. Need some info on what could be causing it on all three coils. I don't think the actual coils are all bad.

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    try doing a load test on your battery. Just because it's spinning the motor, doesn't mean that it's producing the amps needed..

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    I hooked up a 1000MCA battery to the ski trust me its got plenty of juice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by big raider View Post

    I just might swap in a whole CDI and see if it fixes it then. Lucky for me I have a whole parts ski.

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    Try running another earth from the battery to the box that contains the CDI.

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    what adam said.. i run an extra earth from battery to block/stator cover. maybe check inside stator cover.. mine was verry corroded when i got my ski..

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