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Thread: Gas Removeal

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    Gas Removeal

    Ok I need something cheap to use to remove gas from the Seadoo, lawnmower, etc. at the end of the season's so what do you guys suggest?
    I have the hose with the brass rattle ball in it but thats what I used one year on my zero turn and knocked the fuel gauge assem. apart what a bitch to fish that all out to repair!
    Would like to use more than once or twice also something that will last please no junk!

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    Well if you are looking for a cheap solution you can buy the syphon from walmart, its like $7 and works pretty good. I used it a few times.

    If you want something better and not as cheap that will last you a long time get the real kit. This is made for oil but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use it for fuel also.

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    I store all my toys with a full tank of gas with Stabil. But I have used both of the above extractors and they work well. The HT Moto is obviously a little nicer and easier to use IMO.

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