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    need help with rxp x prop rpm

    i have a mostly stock 07 rxp with only a x charger and green 42 lb injectors on it. i have a stock x prop waiting to be installed on it but i was wondering if anyone knew the outcomes of that. right now my ski is at 8150 but im sure it is holding back timing to compensate for the rev limit. i was wondering what rpm i can expect with the stock x prop on there. i have no intake yet or intake grate.

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    Assuming you have OEM prop.....
    No idea on exact rpm but it should reduce rpm a decent amount.
    It's going to be hard for someone to guess not knowing exactly how much on limiter.

    If you were not on limiter I would guess 300+rpm.
    That prop should have atleast 3 more degrees in it.

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    yes currently have a oem prop. sorry forgot to mention it has no bends or nothing

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    I'm going to guess 7850 rpm +/- 100 w/ X prop and 83 stock nozzle that originally came on your ski.

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    that should be able to go back up with a 4 in intake correct?

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    maybe to the upper side of my estimate-- remember, you are running an 83 nozzle and do not have the external intercooler. On 2 of my skis, I gained 300 rpm from the external intercooler. My estimate is coming from 8100 minus 250 for the lack of intercooler = 7850.

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