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    Polaris Virage TX 1200 Not spark! PLS Help.

    Hi! I'm novice on this forum! I'm From Vladivostok, Russia.
    I have PWC Polaris Virage TX 1200cc 2001 year, Carb.
    A little prehistory: They drowned the motorcycle of 2 times in the sea. There was hydroshock, and repair of engine. One season we it rolled after this, (they passed 10 hours on the small RPM), Everything was good.
    The following season motorcycle ceased to go, one cylinder did not work, spark plugs poured with gasoline.

    Now there is no spark. Engin not to be started. Batery Panasonic CAOS (new) 55B19R( or L forget). Coil I tested, resistance on it as in the instruction
    What you think aboute this?
    And also, CDI at one time very strongly was heated, because my friend, on the stupidity connected, constant 12 volts in the section of the yellow wire between the coil and CDI. After this, spark did disappear =) now I I do think, I should purchase CDI? Help to be dismantled, if is necessary CDI, then what number to me will approach?
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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    If you have a brand new battery, and your friend accidentally reversed the battery polarity, you most likely damaged the CDI and possibly the stator.

    I accidentally installed the battery cables backwards once, and that was all it took to damage a brand new stator and CDI.

    You've got alot of rust inside your elec box. I would replace the circuit board first, and see if that helps, or just get a new one along with the new stator and CDI.

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    Welcome to Green Hulk.
    That white box in pictures (appears to be covered in silicone) should be the LR-505 module.
    It will send power to the CDI when engine is cranking,you need 10.6 volts or more when cranking on the red/purple stripe wire going into the CDI.

    I think 12v on the yellow wire should be OK ( yellow wire should be from the Stator for the charging system )

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    Friend connected +12 in the section between the yellow wire of coil and CDI, after this very strongly was heated both the coil and CDI. To me it is interesting, could this damage CDI or still anything, there can be stator, as it test??? The polarity of storage battery they did not confuse. After this, I tested coil, she must be proper (all the resistance as in the instruction) White thing - LR505, is actual, Russian skillful individuals so made it, i dont know why. To me motorcycle was reached in this form. I already half a year search for to ebay lr505 + CDI. LR505 not problem, but here CDI rare thing. There can be you me you will help the council, such as CDI to me to buy, under what number. In one salesman in the USA I found CDI, but he was used up by marker, dont know that this means. Did read your forum and did make a conclusion that marker they did copy at the plant new numbers CDI, it is correct? Prompt what CDI to me must? 4010543 or 4010379 or 4010171 or 4010377? Or they all identical?
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    This image - CDI which I wanted to purchase. May be any body have this CDI and want to sell me? Thanks =) Or all electrical box, witch lr505, coil, and electrical board.

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    The 1200 CDI's are very hard to find. You could get the 1050 ignition update kit 2873091 and use the CDI and keep the stator as a spare. I ended up doing that on mine to get a CDI. The timing on the CDI is less aggressive, but it works. If you want the same timing curve as the original CDI you could then have the box reprogrammed. My ski ran pretty well without reprogramming the CDI though

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    I ordered on ebay lr-505 module 65$ + 15$ shipping (Normal price?)
    I do not want to put the stator and the CDI with another motorcycle. Just do not feel like a stator. I hope he is okay.
    how to test CDI?

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    except on ebay, where can I buy a CDI?
    I asked the question on other sites, I was told that the CDI 4010543 or 4010379 or 4010171 or 4010377 is not available to order and removed from production.
    Is this true?

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    we can order you a 1050 PVL upgrade kit, for the earlier machines. 375.00 + s&h ( polaris to me, then me to you). your 1200 will run with the 1050 CDI. i can also re-program the CDI with the 1200 timing curve, for an extra 150.00

    for payment, we accept visa, and master card. you can call the shop, or email me to order.

    thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDI View Post
    except on ebay, where can I buy a CDI?
    I asked the question on other sites, I was told that the CDI 4010543 or 4010379 or 4010171 or 4010377 is not available to order and removed from production.
    Is this true?
    No you cant get them. I ended up getting the ignition update kit 2873091. It includes a stator and CDI. You do not need to swap out the stator to use this CDI from the kit. I installed just the CDI in my ski and held on to the stator to keep as a spare. That is the only way to get a hold of a new CDI. I just searched ebay and there is nothing that would work for your application.

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