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    ultra 250x WOT issue

    have issue witht he ultra 250x 07 with 52 hours..with the slow key ski runs fine but with the fast key at WOT around 70 to 80 kph the ski cuts out for a sec this happens a few times then its fine and hit topspeed at 109kph on the cluster...
    things ive checked are
    *service/ new plugs
    *all hose clamps
    *intake horn
    *fuel pressure/new fuel
    *supercharger tension/oil
    *no boost leak
    *blocked bov(test)
    *show low battery on startup
    *no codes
    ski ran fine last session only started happening recently but getting worse..
    is there anything i missed and should be checked? or has a idea on whats happening?


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    What is the oil level on the dipstick? When was the last time the oil was changed?

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    oil was changed 1 hour ago together with the plugs. oil level is in between the h and l mark on cold.

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    I would double check SC belt for slipping. Make sure no water or oil is getting on the pulley.

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    What do u mean by. Cuts out looses all power shuts off is it enough to throw you forward ? Belt slipping or bad plug wire seem the most plausible

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