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    2012 Yamaha FX HO Cruiser stability at idle


    We all know the new 2012 FX HO Cruiser is going to b 7 inches longer and the same width as the older model. Yamaha also claim to have re-designed softer chines to allow the pwc to turn into corners allowing the rider to lean into the corners more easier at speed.

    Does anyone think that because it is longer and has softer chines this pwc may be less stable than its previous model?

    I want to buy the most stable FX HO and don't know whether to go 2011 or 2012.



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    In my honest opinion I bet it will be more stable due to overall size.

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    The chines dont really come in to play unless you are in motion,,,,,,

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    Go for the new hull on the 2012 model. Stability will be the same. I am hoping that the 2012 hull has a softer ride in rough water than the earlier model hulls. The new one really need to compete with the SD S3 for rough water handling.

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