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    WTB - 3D Hull, no motor....

    Looking for a clean hull or close to it w/o motor.... 787 or 951

    Somewhat close to Florida.

    Thanks for any leads..

    949-922-2150 Ken
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    found this the other day:

    let me know if you need any di parts as I have quite a few

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    Thanks Jim. If it wasn't 13 hours away from me, I would go grab it. Hope I can find one closer. I'm going to PM u about parts. My goal is to find a 951 carb motor to install and get away from computer controlled injection and get back to reliable mixed 2 stroke basics. Also be able to build a performance motor for it. I just need to research how far back I can go with a carb motor that needs no computer at all and will still bolt in to work with pump.... They made these w/ the 787 in 05 and I have a 99 GTX RFI 787, so worst case I use that whole set-up in there and live w/it.

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    I think there are some pipe differences w/ your 99 and the 05 even thou both use the 787 RFI.

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