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    painting my 99 gp1200 :)

    heya everyone...

    just a quick question about the gp1200's..

    iv got a blue and white 99 gp1200 and she has a few scratches and rub marks on it and the white is comming through and its starting to look like its age.. lol

    im about to paint the whole top part in the metalic blue like the front hatch is painted in (eg all the flat blue will be metalic blue)

    i love the look of this gp.. looks like a work of art!!

    aaaaannnnnny way...

    1: i have seacrched every where and cant find a straight answer so i thought id ask.. is there any thing special that needs to be done as prep work or primer or paint?

    2: from what i can find the oem paint is 2 pak?

    3: so will just need to sand it back mask it up and give it to my painter..?

    4: or do u reccomend using a primer? if so ill probably want to use a blue primer so i wont notice the future scratches as easily..

    5:will automotive 2pak paint be ok to use?

    any other tips or things to note or tell my painter would be a great help!!

    thanks for all your help so far on other topics as well guys!!
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    I recommend primer it right do it once...use a p320 grit scratch for primer to adhere properly, let dry and sand with p600 grit for any metallic or pearl color. Any lower than 600 scratches will be visible. Spray your color let flash properly according to brand your using (most its 30 minutes at 70 degrees) and spray your clear. No sanding is need from base coat (color) to clear as its a chemical bond. Also try and use same brand of paint from start to finish...I.e. dupont, basf, etc as cross branding can cause bleeding, poor adhesion, and wrinkiling of finish as different companies use different solvents. I use BASF diamont finish line of automotive paint which poly based and their DC5100 clear which is urethane.

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    cool, thanks for the tips mate!!

    anyone else? any one still out there that has painted one of these that can help me out with a few ideas?

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    I have no tips but I've always thought of painting mine because once their painted, they look AMAZING! Post pics once youre done, I'm sure it'll look sick!

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