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    Ultra 150 - Shredmaster fitment

    I have been doing some reading on this but can't find too much in the forums. I'm trying to find out the best way to grind this thing to get it to fit correctlly. I'm also trying to figure out where to do the grinding. The plate fits a bit crooked. One side sticks out about an 1/8" past the hull and the other tucks nicely. The ride plate sits flush on one side of the intake grate and on the other sticks a hair above. Has anyone had issues with the bolts for the intake grate hitting the shredmaster? I am using a worx grate and the mounting holes aren't countesunk like the R&D. Any tips and tricks are greatly appreciated.

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    How old is the Shredmaster, did you just buy it? I would take picture of the problem and see if you can exchange it. Very nice guy over there, he may be able to help you if it is manufacturer defect which it sounds like it may be.

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