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    Pump removal help??

    Well long story short, I'm trying to remove my jet pump assembly on my 05 gpr, to install my new impeller, and I can't. Ir removed all the bolts, and cannot get the dang thing to budge. Any help here?

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    there should be tabs that u can stick a screw driver in and kind of pry it, trop the ride plate if you have to. Good luck

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    It's sealed with silicone, which is what's holding it together. Look on the side of the pump & you'll see pry points that you can get a flathead screwdriver in to separate the pump. It should come right apart with a little leverage as long as the pump shaft isn't corrosion fused in the intermediate shaft. You'll want to clean all the old silicone off & seal it back up when reassembling. Just be careful not to use too much around the cooling water port on the left side of the pump. I like using 1211 because it's pretty easy to clean off if you take it apart again in the future.

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    All good advice add for a stubborn pump removal...take a propane touch if your comfortable using and go around where your gonna separate the pump...this will loosen the silicone or gasket using a large flat head screwdriver ,turn the screwdriver to break the seal between the 2 tab ears...but it could still be stubborn to seperate completely because of the dowel pins...if you could separated it just slightly, put a another small flat head screwdriver end into the now open tiny slit,perferably on the bottom of the pump ....this will keep her wedged come back with that big flat head screwdriver and work it in to the now wedged open slit......she will seperate now....This always works for me as you don't want to keep putting strain on those ear tabs if you take your pump off from time to time...GL

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    Thanks guys! I will give it a shot thus weekend, any other tips let me know!

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