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    Tire Balancing Beads

    Anyone ever try these balancing beads in there tires? ATV,Truck,Motorcycle ETC.
    Counter Act is the ones that Iam looking at. Had a semi truck tire repaired last week and the mech told me about these sounded good but he placed these in his pu truck tire which are mudders and said it was night and day differance! Jury still out tho!

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    i run air soft pellets in my 35x12.5 on my jeep and it doesnt vibe or shake at 70 and tires are wearing fine

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    are you talking about dynabeads ??????? i'm a dealer for them, but use them for motorcycle tires, the system is great, ride way better than the tire balanced on my computer balanced tires

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    Use them in my 01 2500HD with 37's and my 86K5 with 35's. Much better than stick ons in my opinion.

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