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    Painting a Ski with the mats on?

    Hi everyone,

    I probably won't be painting my Ski for a while but I was just wondering if anyone has painted one with the mats still on? If you just taped over the mats to protect from overspray would it be possible to leave them on to save the hassle of taking them off and then getting aftermarket mats, or would the paint just wash off around the edges of the mat leaving the previous colour?

    Thanks everyone

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    There is no way to properly mask the mats well enough to really do a nice job. My son bought a GPR that had been touched up in the mat area, and though it looks good a few yards away, up close it is very noticable. Paint will wick up the rubber sponge material, and paint will flake off around the rubber because it is hard to sand right up to the edge of the mat. If it has stock mats, why not get some hydroturf anyway?
    PS: Hydroturf can be ordered without the name on it, which I think looks nicer!

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