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    WTF Happened to Ohio State tonight?!

    Ok, Im from MI, so I don't like OSU to begin with even though I go to Michigan State. But seriously, wtf happened with them tonight? I don't think Florida is "just that good".

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    I'm kind of a big deal SeanCucf's Avatar
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    Ohio State expected to win

    Florida WANTED to win.

    BTW SEC football is handsdown the hardest/best conference too...(god that hurts to say) I hate UF.

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    Yea, I wanted Florida to win but s*it happens.

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    Dont judge me...
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    held troy to 27 yard rush and 82 yrds total off. all i got to say is go gators. and the heck with the haters

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    It's really quite simple...

    Better athletes
    + Better school
    + Better coach
    + Better fans
    + Better state
    + Better game plan
    + (WAY) better mascot

    = Good ole fashioned ass kickin!

    Looks like OSU remembered to "dot the I" but forgot to cross the T

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