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    Supercharger oil?

    I have removed, stripped, cleaned and reasembled my siezed supercharger from my 08 250X, the SC now spins freely and is ready to be refitted, but I need to refil the SC with oil.

    What oil should I use? And how much? I drained about 100-150ml out, so guessing thats how much I should put back.

    Thank you.

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    Thanks for the reply, I have found a copy of the 250x manual and it states...

    Supercharger Gear Oil:
    Syntheso HT68 (NOK Kruber Brand)

    Now I have googled this and can't find a supplier? Think my Kwak dealer can only get large quantities, so is there another oil I can use?? same spec but different manufacturer? has anyone else used a different oil?

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