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Thread: Doing spins?

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    Doing spins?

    Hello again everyone,

    I've just been watching some vids on youtube and wonder why it seems so easy to spin a GTI hull but it is impossible on a VX? watch this vid at 0:49 and he does a spin I'm referring to.

    Surely it is possible on a VX.

    Thanks again everyone

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    The seadoos have a flatter hull which make it easier to spin around where as the yamaha's have a deep v hull which makes spins hard. I can do it on my FZ with my VX plate if I really pull it hard... but I slam into the rev limiter.

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    The JD sponsons really helped my fz as far as spins

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    I had a VX and tried to do the spins also. It was impossible for me. If you want to try, try to get your weight towards the rear of the ski when you tur

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    its almost impossible to do on my VXS, my gsxltd will do spins all day !!!!!! even when you don't want it to..........

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    Damn Yamaha for making it impossible!

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