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    1999 Gp 1200

    Hey Guys ,I have another issue with my 99 gp 1200.Took it out Yesterday when i first started it on the trailer before putting it in the water it was back firing around 4000 rpms.Once i launched it and fired it up ,went to take off and it wanted to fall on its face. After a few minutes of putting around at idle she was ready to go and ran fine.After about an hour on the water of harder riding it seems like it was braking up and losing speed then about half an hour after that it really started to break up like the it was running out of gas (Had about 3/4 tank at this point) Example Cruising at 55 and it would just cut back to 50 and out of know where just take off again almost like there is some kind of rev limiter or the best why for me to describe ,like its dropping a coil Any Ideas??????

    Forgot to mention that last week the starter just keep clicking when i got to the docks ,then finally started and has been fine .I cleaned the connection last week when i got back ,but really dont know if that was the starter problem or not.

    Compression 118 all three
    carbs redone a few months ago
    Tank completely cleaned out a few months ago (GAS)
    new plugs 2 weeks ago

    All these things were done as a maintenance, not because of the problem at hand

    The only o

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    Anyone ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creative View Post
    Anyone ???
    you will get more info posting this in the old school section

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