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    Entry box - learnning module

    HI All.

    I bought my PWC from second hand, and when I bought the jet I was not aware about the remote needed and I did not get the remote from the seller.
    Now, after 1.5 years the PWC battery has been drain and the YSS (Yamaha Security System) has been activate and I cannot start the PWC anymore, since I do not have the suitable remote.
    I tried to connect the official Yamaha distributor and notice by then that they lost they “Entry Box” and they will buy from Yamaha alternative entry box by the next two months.
    Since this massage was very strange I tried to seek between all Israel (Middle East) Yamaha dealers and I got the same answers by all!!!!

    If I am not wrong I was left with 3 options.
    1. Waiting more than 2 month till the local dealer will bring new “entrybox”
    2. Dismantle the remote receiver and send it to oversea Yamaha dealer and getting back the module with a new remote control.
    3. Buying “Entry box”.
    I am dressing the note since I need your help by finding solution for the two last options.
    Please let me know if you are familiar with an honesty local dealer that can provid me this service or if you know about “Entry box” seller.

    Thanks in advance

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    try to search for used item throw EBAY for sure u will find the part that u want

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