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    951 GTXL to SC 4-Tech conversion ????

    Has anyone done it? I might have access to a GTXDI w/ dead motor... I LOVE the blue and silver paint and the looks of the hull. How would this conversion handle? Would it be unstable? I would surely run quicker then the RTX and be more nimble is 815+ lbs vs. 680 for the GTXDI and the 4-tec should only be about 100 or so lbs heavier then the 951DI.

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    also, the G2 GTXL uses a 155mm pump, and I believe the SC 4-Tec's use a 158mm pump. Would a pump and nozzle setup from RXP/T bolt up to the hull? I am also considering adding VTS as well?

    I assume a RXP drive shaft would also be required. The RXP is only 3 inches shorter then the Gen2 GTXL, where as the RXT is 6 inches longer and the GTXL w/ a 215 SC motor should weigh approximately the same as a RXP 215 (792lbs).

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    why not just buy an RXP and paint it?your talking a lot more work than one needs to do to go fast. your talking serious pump tunnel modification, motor mounts (if it even fits) and wiring.

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    Sounds like a nice ski when completed, but also sounds like ALOT of work. A possible better choice would be to spend a couple days (if you know what you are doing) and $800 or so $'s and get the di up and running to factory spec and either ride it or sell it for a nice profit and buy what you want.

    FYI a custom drive shaft can run over $500 for your conversion plan.

    Jet pump from a 4 tech will bolt right up except a restrictor will need to be made up for the main water line.

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    Would a custom DS be needed? Main reason for it is not the colors, but for a 3 seater thats less then 800 pounds like the RXP. verses the 850 plus for the huge RXT/SC GTX's.

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    you would be very lucky to find the correct drive shaft-- over all length, 130-185 spines or 215-260 spines, clip location-- all needs to match what your project needs. Don't forget to replace your thru haul fitting to the correct 4-tech size if you do move forward with your project.

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    exhaust thru hull? That will be done as well. reading more, maybe the 4-tech non X pumps are also 155mm. I was/am hoping that I could use the from the harness/gauges to the engine and drive shaft all the way back off a doner boat.

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