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    Anyone have suggestions for installing head gasket on RXP?

    Just wondering if anyone has any pointers on replacing head gasket on RXP.

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    Buy oem

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    Yeah stick with the oem gasket. Buy the cranks and cam locking tools (or improvise) so you can't mess up the timing. DO NOT drop anything down the chain galley. Stuff rags in there!!
    Remove the head with the exhaust mani attached, saves a bit of hassle.
    If your going to remove the rocker shaft, you need to replace the bolts.
    Only reuse the head bolts if they are within spec. Torque according to manual.
    I think it's 30ft/lbs +120 + 90 degrees. Don't quote me on that - I just switched to ARP studs and torqued to 95ft/lbs.

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    Why are you replacing the head gasket? perhaps there are other issues.

    Best pointer - do it right!

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    take compression readings before removing head and also after you put the head back on. Take pics of the cam sproket 1503 marks in reference to the top of the head, SHCS's that hold the cam sproket onto the cam -- noting where they are in the slots and routing of the wires and zip ties so that it looks factory when you get it all buttoned up.

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    Surface the head, and get a valve job.

    Now'z the time to do it, while its off .

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