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Thread: 04 cam

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    04 cam

    hey guys looking for more little tweaks,( like all of us,) and done some searching via posts, commonly i see 04 cams listed in mods in users signature

    Im running

    07 rxp
    8650 rpm sc ecu
    x charger
    42 inj
    4 inch air

    about to order ex ic - fizzle style, just waiting to see when he realeases his new one (c mon

    i ve had a 04 and 05 rxp and in stock form they did seem more responsive and punchy... is this the cam..??

    will i see much gain by adding 04 cam- top end ,bottom end etc? more importantly what other dramas will i hit, is it a bolt on mod and away i go or... is it changing mutilpe components , sensors, ecu flashing etc ?

    thanks again

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    Bolt it in and your done, nothing else needed. Alot more responsive.

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    Got one if you want it 140 shipped paypaled in the US

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