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    07 RXP cranks slow

    Hi guys,
    Got an 07 215 RXP.. whilst humming along at full throttle yesterday i noticed it lacking power and cut out.. motor seemed hydrolocked and wasnt turning over at all. I Removed the spark plugs and managed to crank it over. I Used a jumpstarter pack for full voltage and it still turns slowly with the plugs in.. Oil in the sump seems clean and there was no water in the cylinders when i cranked it without the plugs. Supercharger is not free spinning and has about one degree of play each side. I removed the jet pump completely and did manage to get it running but very poorly.. The jet pump impellor seems to spin free with hesitation when it was off the ski. Any ideas.? Cheers

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    What did the plugs look like? Good compression?

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    The plugs were just the average used colour.. bit black.. the tips were all there and plugs were complete.. didnt do a compression test but did feel vacuum when i placed my thumb over the spark plug port... got me stumped until i pull the motor down

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