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    handleing and holeshot wave venture 1100

    Hello, I have 3 pwc's. Tigershark montego deluxe (3seater), Polaris slt750(3seater), and a yamaha wave venture(3seater). I owned the polaris and the the tigershark since 1998, aquired the yamaha last year (funny thing-i traded $200 dollars in labor for this pristeen craft that had a locked up motor that the guy didn't want to fool with- turns out it had a rock that got past the broken intake grate).

    Anyway, i've read about all the people who want more grip in turns from thair water craft. I don't, I like the fact that you can do a 180 on the polaris and get soaked from the spray. With the yamaha when i make a turn at moderate speed (20mph) the craft digs in and tries to throw me. Is there a way to get less grip in the turns on the yamaha? Thanks for any ideas.


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    Remove the sponsons.

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    Im new to this and just happened to be reading this thread and i was just curious. could removing the sponsons damge anything long term or make the ride more unstaible at high speeds?

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