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    Looking at a 95 Kawi 550 Stand up ski tomorrow

    Any things to look at to figure out if it passes the purchase test?

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    it is really no different than any other ski.

    do a compression test. depending on what year, and motor it has ( piston port, or reed 550) it should have aprox 120psi PP or 150 psi Reed motor. the 95 would have had a reed motor originally, but a lot of times, these old skis have had one or more transplants.

    give it a good over all look. you can tell a lot just by how clean the engine compartment is. also look up into the jet pump from both
    sides with a flash light.

    a test ride is ALWAYS a good idea, if you can. that will give you an idea of how it sounds, vibrations, etc.

    as with any older machine, you really have to expect some maintenance will be needed.

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