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    Selling my Large Collection of Vintage Jet Ski Racing Posters

    I didn't know where else to post this.

    I was involved in racing from about 1990 to sometime in the later 90's. I have about 300 (give or take) vintage racing posters, as well as brand-specific posters with their racers on it. I have many Skat-Trak World Finals posters, and I have alot of those signed by the racers as well.
    Here is just a rough run-down of posters I have

    Chris Fischetti
    Jeff Jacobs
    That Japaneese guy Kanamori whatever
    Farthing (so old he has no tattoos)
    The Ripper
    Goatcher (yeah!)
    McGrath (yeah, I know)
    and on and on and on and on. Too many to mention.

    I just spent an hour going through them. All are rolled up, most in frame-able condition with a little work.
    I've got some very neat stuff like team race posters of:

    Team Butch
    A rare Team Polaris from I think year two of the team.
    Team Westcoast
    Team Lenzi
    Berlew's Team with hauler, etc
    I think some Team Sea Doo ones
    And on and on and on.

    I have a commemorative 15 year anniversary one of Fischetti that has pics of him from 1988 and forward that is AWESOME. I've never seen another.
    I have tons of duplicates.
    I also have some old 8x10 color pics of some races from Florida back in the late 80's, maybe 1990 as well.
    I think I have a poster from the World Finals for each year from about 1992 to 1999, and I think most all are signed.

    If you are anything of a history buff regarding the sport, these will be priceless to you.

    At this point, I don't want to take pics of them and post, etc. It would take forever. If someone in SWFL wants to come and look at them and then share with the group here I'd be cool with that.

    I'd like $10 each plus shipping.
    If you take everything poster-wise that I have, I'll take $225 plus shipping.

    However, the color 8x10's are $10 each and NOT part of the $225.

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    Im interested. Do you have any of Mac or Farthing on a Yamaha GP?

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    PM me your phone number

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    Anyone who is interested PM me your email address and a phone number please.

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