im in the process of collecting a tidy 2001 SLH 700. im a big fan of the SLH. my first ski was a 1999 SLH and ive had a 2000 SLH and now the 2001 in blue/white. i cant not have one in my life!

SLH spec's: the 1999 / 2000 SLH's had same twin carbs and the "Polaris 12/17 swirl prop" > i loved the performance and good pull.

the 2000 SLH i recently sold to a friend runs very well, and pulls extremely hard. very snappy throttle. its great , i just wonder if anybody knows if the OEM "nujet 4.7" fitted to the 2001 SLH and single carb set'up will pull as good hole shot?? > (same set up as 701 virage's)

the reason i ask this is, first time i had to repair the prop on my 1999 SLH i went the "cheaper" route and bought a nujet. im not 100% sure it was exactly a '4.7' - told it was the correct one. but it was crap!. just didnt pull or have anything like the hole shot. i couldnt live with it. i sent the OEM polaris 12/17 swirl to 'Impros USA' and they did an awsome job. i put it back in and it would pull my arms off (for a little snappy domestic 701) and i was faster than my mates yamaha fx140 (true story)!

so i want to know your opinion to best props please overall prop for the 2001 single carb set up. (why did they change prop and carb?)

why did the 2000 polaris SLH run twin carbs and a 12/17 swirl prop when the 2000 virages ran single carb and Nujet 4.7 prop??

ive also got a virage 700. that has the same "single carb" and "nujet" impeller.

is the Nujet a better impeller? the virages 700 that me and my friends have dont respond as well as that 2000 SLH i had. but obviously it could be hull size and weights.

and if i put a swirl type prop on the slh 2001 will it match fine with single carb (i ride salt and surf so i do like the swirl props best i dont want top speed!.)

Question: is the OEM 1999/2000 SLH prop skat trak made??

cheers guys