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    03 honda 12x turbo question

    so i was looking at a honda 03 12x two seater the hull is in great shape only has 20 hours on it long story short. a older man bought it ran it for a two summers then tarped it and and left the drain plugs in. tarp came off over winter ski filled with water now ski will not start but does turn over. he said the oil was milky when he drained it but only wants 2800 for the ski what do you guys think?

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    I would but i like to wrench so just know it brobably needs another 1500 in parts to get up and running . Its a gamble

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    I just sold a good running f12 (non turbo) for 3K

    bought it and a 03 r12x on trailer for 3K. the r12x ran, but the f12 didn't. needed battery and TLC only

    so 2800 for a non runner is to high..

    its always a gamble with non-runners, if you a great mechanic its easier to come out ahead.. but its easy for your average home mechanic to get in over their head..

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