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    Who does Yamaha 2 stroke engines in the Northwest (xlt1200) ??

    Anyone know a good shop or backyard mechanic who would rebuild a 1200xlt engine for me ? I lost the forward piston and I need someone to take a look at the motor to see what is better rebuild it or look for a new ski.

    Any info will help.


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    Just want to ride.
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    Where are you located in the NW?

    How much do you like the ski? If you're mechanically inclined, you could score a used cylinder/piston and probably just fix it yourself.

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    Issaquah, I have thought about that but I guess I just need to get a service manual for it and jump in. My problem is I am not sure what caused the failure, I picked up the ski with the motor not running and then when I opened it up I found the piston trashed. So I dont want to spend a bunch of money to fix it and then have the same problem happen again. That is why I was looking for a good shop that could maybe look at it and see why it happened. This is my first ski so I am not familiar with them although it is not a problem for me to tear it down and build it back up I just kind of want to know what caused the problem.

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