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    2007 Yamaha Cruiser HO Battery not charging

    Dear Pro out there.
    I'm having a Yamaha 2007 Cruiser HighOutput battery not charging. Where should I start checking / how?
    All feedback are welcome. Thank you.

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    Really need more info on the problem - under what conditions won't it charge? While riding, on home charger, etc.

    But, you could start by pulling the battery and taking it to the nearest large auto parts store for testing to insure the problem isn't w/ the battery itself. If it's the stocker that came w/ your 07, it's probably ready for replacement anyway.

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    Sounds like the cable from the ecu to the voltage regulator/rectifier has come disconnected if that's the case that could be the reason why the battery wont hold a charge. Hold the button down on the dash for about 10 - 15 seconds check the code and ill bet its incorrect battery voltage the code is 19. I have a VX 110 so my engine is different to yours, on my ski the regulator is located just above the oil filter its a square ridged box and its connected to the ecu via a small square plug if its come out just plug it back in, I bet its that ........ same thing happened to me I was fit to pull out my hair !!!

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    What battery model #/size does an fx use?

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    are you the ozzie chua from singapore?

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