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    Polaris SLH Timing Retards instead of advance

    I recently updated the elec system on my 1999 Polaris SLH and it starts right up but when you rev the engine the timing retards instead of advance. It actually moves away from TDC (opposite of the timing marks) I am stumped on this one. Please help!

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    your timing will start out at a higher, initial number, then "pull back" to a lower number as you raise RPMs ( to help with detonation). this
    is what is called a timing "curve".

    what numbers are you getting? 25 deg initial / 15 deg final for instance?

    Polaris had two different flywheels. one is a low start timing, and the other is a high start.
    the difference between the two is 10 degrees.
    if you installed a later type CDI with a timing curve designed for a different flywheel than you
    have, you will need to move/adjust the hub of your flywheel. you can typically
    get the 10 degrees back, with your flywheel adjustment.

    hope this helps.

    EDIT; welcome to the hulk....

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    I believe max timing advance is @3000 RPM

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    another thing to "think" about....

    It is possible, the CDI didn’t get reflashed correctly at Polaris. ( it happens)
    If the CDI was reflashed at Polaris, it will have some handwritten numbers on it in white or Yellow pen.

    Occasionally the DOS based reflash programs has a hiccup while programming.

    really need to know what numbers you are getting, with your light.


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