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    GTi Oil Pump Maintenance

    I have a 2000 GTi with a 717 engine. At the end of last season there was always oil in the bilge after a ride (maybe 1/8 cup). I intend to replace my oil lines before spring but I also worry about the oil pump itself. I have a few questions?

    1) How long before the oil pumps start to fail?
    2) Can the pump be tested to determine remaining life?
    3) Is there a way to rebuild oil pumps or some other preventative maintenance?
    4) Can the oil pump be replaced without pulling the engine?
    5) Is there a good sticky thread on oil pumps?


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    The oil tank is leaking at the seam

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    replace the tank with a seamless one...
    i probably have one available, since i always premix, i always end up with tanks, and I throw away all the seamed ones...

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