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    waveraider 701 upgrades

    Im looking to do some upgrades to my waveraider ... I was looking to do the mach 1 exhaust system, recreational heads (92 octane), and an impeller.
    I just want opinions from people who have been something like this or seen this done... Im trying to give my ski more bottom ened torque to jump waves better so if you have any suggestions let me know i appriciate any suggestion

    One other thing i could probably get a 760 motor for really cheap so if you think do the 760 and upgrade that let me know


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    the 701 is a GREAT motor. it responds well to simple mods.

    pipe, compression, add some timing, carb work, and you will notice some nice gains.

    i can supply you with new Pro-tec parts, if you wanted to go that way. ( do not forget a new Skat prop, scoop grate, etc)

    the 760 has a little taller port timing, and may not "hit" as good on the bottom end. they make better power in the mid, to upper RPM range.

    if you want to gain CC's, we can big bore your 701, to 760 pistons. ( would all depend on your budget)

    give me a call if i can help.

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    Run a Factory MOD dual cooling and around 175 PSI for a great ski. I would recommend solas I prop since you need to get RPM's up ...I've done a fully modded 701 Raider that would run 57mph all day long and get there in a hurry. Mine was the ol 94 purple hull ....

    John is a great can't go wrong having him source some of your parts.


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    I forgot to add that i do have the aftermarket intake grate ... I would love this ski to do 57 all day with quick acceleration!!! What were the mods you did to yours?

    I also have a waveblaster 2 that ive been told to upgrade instead of the raider but either or i want it to have a butt load of torque and whatever top end i can get

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    In a nut shell all i do is go in the ocean and jump waves so im looking to get the ski to shoot me off the wave with as much power as possible but at the same time i want to be able to do at least 50 on flat water maybe more if its possible

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    WB2 has a 760 which is limited overall and was designed for more gas mileage out of it then power. You will never make one fast "WB2" as the hull simply is designed to turn...not go fast. n I had so much stuff done to the 94 701 raider. carbs, factor MOD pipe, 185psi, reeds, prop, intake grate, true hull, etc etc.


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