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    Wave Venture Oil Consumption

    Hey guys I am new to oil injected skis and was wondering if the amount of oil I am going through is normal. I ran a tank of gas last weekend and then checked the oil tanks and it took over 1/2 gal of oil for 12 gal of gas. Not sure if this is right or not since I used to mix my gas when I had a ski when I was younger. If this is normal then I am cool with it but it seems like it is going through a lot of oil and I am not even going WOT.

    My next thing is if this is a lot of oil would it be better to just delete the injection system and go mix? I have read a lot of threads basically saying it is basically a peace of mind knowing that your motor has oil all the time. Is there any other benefit beside that? Also would I need to richen up the high/low speed needles a tad? I am already thinking that the low speed needs to be adjusted a little because when I get back on the ski to take off again it seems like it has loaded up from the no wake zone and I have to clear it out before it goes like crazy.


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    The older Yamahas, including the Wave Venture used "alot" of oil with the factory setup. They did not have a linkage to the throttle to cut it back at low throttle, it was just straight off of engine rpm. I have converted many Raiders and Ventures to premix, and every person was happy to use less oil, foul less plugs, and have reduced smoking. The newer skis have a different system, and for them its is just a piece of mind thing, but on the older ones it is definately a big improvement in overall operation.

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    Great! I guess I am going to premix then! If it will help reduce oil consumption and make a difference in the performance of it then it will be worth it. I am not worried about mixing gas since it only take a few min to do and I can put the oil in my gas tanks before I go fill up anyways.

    Thanks for the responce LT! I am going to do the block off plate this weekend and take it out and see how it does.

    Any other advice would be great for this ski!

    Oh and not sure if this was supposed to be posted in the "old school ski" section or not

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    What do you guys think of this:

    I know with cars they help out when you have a higher performance motor but I am thinking it wouldn't really help on a ski but could be wrong

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    Maybe Bill can give you the answer your looking for

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    Thanks WFO I emailed him about a carb rebuild also. My plans are to restore the ski to original on the outside and to do a few upgrades to the ski. So far I am going to do the f/a's, ride plate, intake grate, and better reeds, impeller (not sure which one yet) and I am doing the pre mix conversion this weekend. Then after the season is done I am going to do a top end rebuild so I know it is fresh for the next season. I don't want to go crazy with this ski because it is more of a family ski and I just want to do the few things to it to help for when I tow a tube with family.

    I am really impressed with this ski and very happy to join the pwc family. My kids are loving it and I have been wanting a ski ever since me and the wife got married 5yrs ago but the kids weren't old enough for them to ride on one.

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    Well I finally did the block off plate and she seems to start way easier and idles better but of course that is just on the water hose until next weekend when it goes out for her first time on mix gas. Next step if the F/A's and adapters and the ride plate and intake grate. Then it will be the impeller.

    So far since I got her a week ago I have put new grips, bugged her all out except for the bottom. Can't get on my back yet since I had back surgery not to long ago. Also put a new battery, new seat covers. Now I need new hydro turf, F/A's with adapters, ride plate, intake grate, impeller (not sure which pitch to get or what brand), new side grab handles, new rubber cover for the handle bars, and new or repainted mirrors.

    I was thinking of painting the mirrors black but everything on the ski is purple and teal.

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    Sounds like you're making good progress there!
    Make sure you make the appropriate carb changes and adjustments when you install the flame arrestors or you'll be doing that top end rebuild sooner then you think because the thing will lean seize on you.

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    Thanks cutlass!

    When I do the arreators I am having bill rebuild the carbs for me and adjust it for the arrestors. If possible if I can find someone to help me tune it after the rebuild that would be great. I am not sure how much better the arrestors will be for it. I am mainly going after better hole shot.

    I would like to do the jet works mod because it seems that my water box is filling up to much and making me bog out of the hole until I clear it out with a couple of blips of the throttle then it will snap pretty good for a big 3 seater that is about 15yrs old.

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    I put a Jetworks valve on my GP1200 which is pretty similar to the 1100 in your Venture. Its pretty easy overall. Most of the instruction you'll find here are for the GPR which is a little more involved. I'm familiar enough with the 1100 or the Venture to tell you if its the exact same, but it should be close.

    Here's a decent thread on installing a Jetworks valve on a GP1200 that should help get you started:

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